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Why do you need conversational marketing?

People prefer to use messaging apps to have conversations with each other and businesses

The top 4 messaging apps surpassed the amount of monthly active users on social networks

You can make more money from a small, white hot list that has automated, engaging conversations with your business than you can make from a large, lukewarm list in email

Conversational marketing & chatbots are the ideal medium to educate, build trust, and sell to your customers

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Learn to be a Conversation Designer

“[Andrew] absolutely blew my mind with his webinar. When I saw what he was doing, it was way beyond an aha moment.”

Mary Kathryn Johnson

Hire A Bot Creator

“[My client] says each customer usually equals $3,400 yearly for them. So we are projected to be making her $110-$150k yearly”

Stephen Bradeen

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