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Practical ChatBot Use Cases For Facebook Messenger Marketing

We show many practical chatbot use case that can double or triple your marketing efforts through Facebook Messenger Automation. We show real examples from Seth Godin, Derek Halpern, and our own site at Bot Academy. We include step-by-step instructions on how you can implement everything you learn.

Copywriting for Facebook Messenger

Writing and selling through email is radically different than writing + selling through Facebook Messenger. I’ll show you exactly how I turned John Lee Dumas’ (founder of Entrepreneur on Fire) email sequence into an epic messenger sequence that’s performing significantly well.

How to Duplicate A Bot Sequence In 57 Seconds

You want to A/B test your Messenger sequences… but you don’t recreate all the images, messages, CTR buttons because that would be a total waste of time. This article will show you how to duplicate ANY sequence in less than a minute!

How To Share Your ChatBot With One Click

A chat bot is basically marketing through Facebook Messenger. Our approach to marketing in general is to give value and teach our audience something useful before we ever sell. But the problem is that if I want to tell my friend to try out this…

How Chat Bot Marketing and Email Marketing Can Work Together

You don’t have to abandon your email list if you want to start growing your subscribers on Facebook Messenger. The best companies have multiple touch points to reach their audience. A Facebook Messenger chat bot should compliment your email list, not replace it. This is how you can grow subscribers to your chat bot and your email at the same time.

How Ads Work Via Facebook Messenger Chat Bots

The ads we have seen to have huge success is marketing to people who are at the bottom of your funnel. You can also use messenger ads for a variety of reasons like contests, flash sales, content marketing, and so on.

Bot Academy Manifesto

This is what Bot Academy stands for and everything we believe in. This is our WHY. We hope you resonate with our story and join us on this mission.