Most companies are reaching people with an outdated technology that users are spending less time on: email.

However, people prefer to use messaging apps as their main form of communication. But many businesses have not caught on.

Our mission is to teach businesses how to use chatbots to reach potential customers in san automated way via messaging apps.

Email marketing is NOT dead. But the results are measurably less effective than messaging apps.

The platform we’ll start with: Messenger

Chatbots can work on many platforms but we are starting with Facebook Messenger because they have the largest number of active users. Facebook is also pushing heavily to make it easier for creators to make powerful bots.

Once we master Messenger, we will expand our focus to more platforms as they gain acceptance.

The approach we’ll take: Marketing automation

There are many ways to use chatbots but they do not have acceptance to the public yet. Today chatbots are best used for drip marketing messages.

Marketers can actively engage with users after they get the user’s permission once.

Since bots are still new, without that opportunity to keep proactively reaching users, users can forget about bots.

We want to focus on marketing because it has the fastest return on investment for bot creators.

Bring your skills

You can apply everything that worked in email marketing to chatbot marketing.

We still need landing pages to grow our chatbot subscribers. We still need good copywriting skills to write more engaging content.

We need to update those skills and adapt for this new medium of communication.

The future we envision

In 2018, companies will catch on and start doing marketing automation with Facebook Messenger.

In 2022, companies will have messenger bots on all platforms. They’ll be so sophisticated that they’ll be the preferred way for their customers to do business with you. They’ll replace the web and apps as the first touch points. They will replace email as the main form of communication with your customers.

How you can work with us

We are in the education business.

We can teach you how to build bots for your business.

Or we can help you hire our certified graduates.